Your simple desktop instrument to beat the data chaos and play with AI.

A free open-source app to create notes, flexible presentations, knowledge networks, portfolios, multilingual data collections, educational videos, quick slideshows, audio podcasts, and etc.

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Methods and Features for achieving the offered goals.A brief guide for you.

This is yourchaotic information, ideas,tasks, and files.
Free your mind.Put all into app in tiny cards.Find the ideal order.
Make the datamore visual and functional.Enjoy or move on.
Integrate anymodern AI/API servicesto be stronger.
Connect the dotsto easily navigate theinformation.
Make yourprojects accessibleto everyone.
Protect allconfidential details withsecure encryption.
Present the finalresult directly in the app orrender it as a media file.
Export all youneed from the app invarious formats.
Use templatesor create your own to bemore productive.

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